martes, 25 de mayo de 2010


mo mi sentido del humor
las risas que me doy todos los dias,
mis caidas,
mi cabello cuando no se esponja como escoba,
amo poder tirarlo todo .

amo el refejo de mis ojos,
sus colores y sus sombras.
amo mis kilos de ropa y maquillaje
y lo poco que siempre me pongo.
amo no necesitar nada y quererlo todo.

amo los lunares de mi cuello
mis marcas de dermatitis que desde niña se quedaron,
amo mi musica,
mis libros,
mis peliculas de disney.

amo cantar mientras me ven
amo mi voz desafinada,
lo poco que aprendi a tocar guitarra,
lo mucho que aprendi a escuchar al silencio.

amo lo que fui
lo que soy,
y todo lo que sere algun dia.

martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

24 hrs

It could have been forever but we'll never know
24 hrs ago

The night was all we had and then i had to go
24 hrs ago

We were lovers
24 hrs ago

Random tuesday

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Weather report

This week
Bad news, lost, difficult decisions, stress,
weariness, possible contagion of something odd
.............. LOTS!!!! just this week (v.b)
Wedding of ex-friend, ex-boyfriend with a
terrible wom
an 1

alcohol units 9 aprox, but 2 today (v.g)
minutes just looking at facebook gossip and not working ..... ( )
thinking about induce coma or sleep a whole year 3 or 4 hours for day (v.b)

positive thoughts (0) at 2pm but (16748943464688) at 11pm (v.g),
tears 3 or 4 But of happiness (v.g)
loving comments of friends Lots! (v.g)
book 1. and i love it :) (v.g)

inner peace lots ( v.v.g) :)


She's got both hands
in her pockets.
And i wont look at you,
Won't look at you

She hides true love.
En su bolsillo

At this point I gotta choose,
nothing to loose.

Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Alejandro.
I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke one cigarette and hush.
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name

She's not broken,
She's just a baby.

Now he's gonna find a fight,
gonna cool the bad.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke one cigarette and hush.
Don't call my name.

Don't bother me.
Don't call my name.
I'm not your babe

May? what?