jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Weather report

This week
Bad news, lost, difficult decisions, stress,
weariness, possible contagion of something odd
.............. LOTS!!!! just this week (v.b)
Wedding of ex-friend, ex-boyfriend with a
terrible wom
an 1

alcohol units 9 aprox, but 2 today (v.g)
minutes just looking at facebook gossip and not working ..... ( )
thinking about induce coma or sleep a whole year 3 or 4 hours for day (v.b)

positive thoughts (0) at 2pm but (16748943464688) at 11pm (v.g),
tears 3 or 4 But of happiness (v.g)
loving comments of friends Lots! (v.g)
book 1. and i love it :) (v.g)

inner peace lots ( v.v.g) :)

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People understanding you post:1 (excellent!)