martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Im in love with you

Im in love with you

Since the first time you look into my eyes,
and took me a picture,
u didnt knew my name.

And i was always soooo stupid around you.
even when, you make the first move
even when i always knew u like me.

I love your eyes,
that brown-green colour.
I love your smell
your hair, your face,
your smile, your laugh
the way you move
the way your dress
i love your voice
everything you say, make so much sense

I like the fact that you dont like thongs
jajajajai i dont like them either

I love that u never needed a 10 at school
even do, u were always the best designer.
And that was funny and ridiculous.
And they never understood.

Messy,funny,lost and drunk
weird,popular,simple,and lovely

Ill always wait for you.
cause i know someday u will be back
and i wont let you go.

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