miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

What happened? what always happens .. LIFE

En vez de Inglorious Bastards me meti a ver esta pelicula, y la neta me gusto muuuuucho.
Sentirme identificada??? Naaaaaaahhh.
Aqui el trailer y el soundtrack. La musica tambien esta re wenaaa.

This is a story of a boy meets girl,
the boy Tom Hansen of Margate New Jersey,
grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy
until the day he met the one.
This belief stemmed from early exposure
to sad British pop music,

and a total mis-readind of the movie "The Graduate".
The Girl Summer Finn of Shinnecock Michigan,
did not share this belief,
Since the disintegration or her parent's marriage
she'd only love two things.
The first was her long dark hair.
The second was how easy she could cut it off
and not feel a thing.

This is a story of boy meets girl.
But you should know up front,
this is not a love story.

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fab dijo...

Muero por verla!!... creo que iré hoy o la quitarán de cartelera.

Slds, simio!!